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Tracking the Starlight»

In case you haven’t yet discovered it, there’s now a community wiki prepared for organization of M’s project and story. You can find it at

It is a community wiki, so please feel free to sign up and take part in the effort. If you’re not comfortable with wiki editing, don’t worry - you can still edit and someone will come along and correct any potential formatting problems. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact someone if you feel there is an error or missing info to be added.

Anyhoo, the wiki is open! It’s only as useful as the community makes it - and there is much still to be added :)
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I still can’t believe I hit stop before I started digging.

The new owner of A011 was kind enough to record his discovery. Most of it, at least.

It makes me very happy to be able to be with someone at a time like this, even if virtually. It is my hope that you are also able to borrow some of his excitement through this.

It is also my hope to reproduce this as many times as opportunity allows. 

In that spirit, I ask that you please share this project with your friends and family. With anyone and everyone. These boxes are only the very beginning of what is to come, and what is to come is limited only by the amount of help this project receives.

Thank you all so very much. I can not begin to tell you how grateful I remain for all you have done.

More when I return.


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The story will… accelerate… and things will happen.

This chapter has been about us getting to know one another, and getting to know how this sock will fit. At first at least. We have but a toe in this metaphor.

You have each other, and there are fantastic places already discovered to take advantage of that.

Unlock the Secrets of the Universe!

Get caught up, and start, here:
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@Wikibrucethere: RT @kulturvulturz: This is the guy who swabbed me at the last byologyc event…it’s okay…he’s a scientist #zedto [via Twitter]

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@Wikibrucethere: RT @kulturvulturz: Chet is giving the three year plan…big media push next 3 months, reduce infectious diseases in 6 months… http://t … [via Twitter]

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@Wikibrucethere: RT @kulturvulturz: Everyone in Toronto should go to’s fringe festival event next Friday #morebyologycfun [via Twitter]

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@Wikibrucethere: ByoWipes? [via Twitter]

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@Wikibrucethere: A little friendly chat with Olive, Brad, and Denis [via Twitter]

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@Wikibrucethere: Lots of drama updates, coming soon from @sal-hci… Felicity heading out now [via Twitter]

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@Wikibrucethere: Olive, telling Brad what’s inappropriate? ahhahahahahaha [via Twitter]

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